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Thread: Need advice on hard-drive encryption

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    Default Need advice on hard-drive encryption


    Yesterday I came home to see people trying to break into my place. They even had the nerve to talk to me! But now I am interested in encrypting the hard-drive just incase the laptop is stolen so that nothing can ever be accessed besides me.

    I know Vista Ultimate offers the HD-encryption, is there any other program that is free and good?

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    Default Re: Need advice on hard-drive encryption

    Best encryption method to deter physcial theft - pull the hdd out and hide or lock it up somewhere.
    Those laptop/desktop chains and cables and locks can be easily broken will a cheap tool such as a hacksaw or bolt snippers or chain cutters . Then no more laptop or desktop.

    Windows XP Pro has encryption features built in it and so do some of the Vista systems.

    I like TrueCrypt fairly simple to use, it is free and works okay.

    PGP is another to consider does more but costs $$$$.

    I hope you called the police, reported the incident and hopefully they will get arrested!!!

    Best regards.

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    Default Re: Need advice on hard-drive encryption

    Dear Oldsod,

    I was considering removing the HD, but I've heard (please correct me if I am wrong) that continuous removal/replacement of a Hard-drive is potentially damaging to the metal pins behind it (easy to be bent).

    Maybe I'll just get more big dogs haha

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    Default Re: Need advice on hard-drive encryption

    Yes you are correct - that is a strong possibility of broken hardware.
    Ever consider using a usb hdd drive and leave the hdd in the laptop as a dmmy drive?
    Or place all the secrets on a usb and hide it (this does sound easier and saner).
    I suppose the removal and replacement of the hdd is easier (especially with the way the drives are arranged in some of the custom/special ordered boxes) in a desktop.

    One of the nice things about a laptop is it can be hidden and kept out of sight or locked up (metal safe or locked room with no windows or a secret compartment/place)

    I suppose the BIOS can be password safe - no entry to the OS until password is used and the windows should be passworded safe. My own laptop has this feature - kind of nice as the laptop will not boot unless the BIOS is correctly answered. Just make sure the default admin account is properly password guarded because the safe mode default usually has the admin with no password.
    These will defeat the average user, but not the geek - they will reset the BIOS and either pull the hdd drive and slave it or use a live linux to have a good look.

    You may consider getting some protection for the stolen laptop - these programs do cost money, but they do work fairly well. As soon as the windows is activated by the crooks, the laptop will report it's location and the authorities have a clue where to look.
    Again defeated by the geek, but the average crook is not that intelligent and would never even understand what is happening anyways.

    Also consider getting an alarm or alarm service for the home. It once was physical switches at the doors and windows for the alarm triggers, but now it is all about motion detectors and electronic beams. Nice too as these are wireless capable - no more cables.
    Then you will know not only the laptop is proetected, but everything else is safe and secure.
    I do believe the Alarm companies stickers plastered on the entranceway and on some of the windows is a deterant to criminals by itself.

    Big dog seems like a good idea.
    Best regards.

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