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Thread: MS XP SP3 Update disables all backups

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    morey Guest

    Default MS XP SP3 Update disables all backups

    Microsoft just updated my MS XP SP2 to SP3 today.
    Now BOTH my Genie Backup Manager 8 and Norton Ghost 14 will not work.
    I read somewhere else that one must start the Removable Storage Service using the System Services function of the Management Console.
    I located the Management Console but cannot find where the System Services is located.
    I can always just copy business data files daily to my external hard disk and one a week copy the entire "My Documents" to the external hard disk. I use a Seagate FreeAgent 500 Gb Drive externally for backups.
    I ran the drive software and it is fine.
    I also did a defrag on that drive.
    Does anyone here have the answer to this problem?
    Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    Default Re: MS XP SP3 Update disables all backups

    After installing SP3, did you go to Microsoft Update to download the subsequent updates? One or other may have fixed your problem.
    I don't use either of the apps you mention and don't
    know about your apparent need to start the removable storage service.

    It manages and catalogs removable media and operates automated removable media devices. Its default setting is manual, which usually means that it will start when needed.
    However, to open
    the Services window, you can click start, run, type
    click OK or press enter.
    Or open Computer management (right click My computer, click Manage), click the + next to Services and Applications, click on services.
    To start
    Removable storage from there, scroll down to that service, click on it to highlight, then click start the service on the left.
    If you just want to store backup copies of your documents on an external hard drive, you could consider using the free
    Microsoft SyncToy. It's very quick and easy to configure.
    I find that easier than using backup software for my data files as I don't need to open any apps to browse the files on the external hard drive.

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    morey Guest

    Default Re: MS XP SP3 Update disables all backups

    Thanks for the help.
    <p align="left">I ended up uninstalling both Genie Home Backup Manger 8.0 and Norton Ghost 14.0. I then reinstalled them. Genie backup worked just fine. I will try Norton Ghost tomorrow.<p align="left">

    It appears that, when upgrading from MS XP SP2 to SP3, it is necessary to do this. It appears both programs are affected by the XP upgrade.

    I also notice that Zone Alarm must be disabled when updating Norton Ghost.
    Otherwise, it interferes.

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