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Thread: Why manual update is the most important setting in ZASS

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    njpsu Guest

    Default Why manual update is the most important setting in ZASS

    I have used ZASS for years now and love the software...once it is stable.
    The first thing I do after every update is to ensure that Automatic updates are turned off!
    When you set updates to manual (Overview menu, Preferences tab) you
    can still get your updates for anti-virus and anti-spam (you can set the anti-virus and anti-spam update frequency under the advanced options button on the anti-virus/anti-spam menu of
    the ZASS version 7.x series of software)
    , but you won't get pushed the ZASS system updates until you ask for them.

    Almost every major update to ZASS in my memory has had problems that required updates/patches or work arounds.
    Given that, the manual update approach saves me a lot of frustration.
    I keep an eye on the Forum to see when updates come out, and scan through the comments to see if there are any major issues with the updates before loading them.
    I generally wait 2-4 weeks after a major
    update before I download and install
    That patience pays off since Check Point is very good about fixing problems once they are known.

    It's not the best way to build customer confidence, but this approach may bring your blood pressure down.
    I wish Check Point could test more completely, but it is impossible to test every single possible system configuration during software development.
    Not a great way to do business, but this is
    why I think manual update is the most important setting in ZASS!

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    morey Guest

    Default Re: Why manual update is the most important setting in ZASS

    I agree completely.
    I never automatically upgrade any program.
    They all require a few months after a major upgrade to settle down all the original bugs.
    With Zone Alarm Security Suite, I have noticed that the third release of any major version branch seems to be the most bug free.
    Go here to examine them:
    Also, when downloading the upgrade file, just hover the cursor over the file and a popup will tell you which version you actually got.
    Finally, one should do a clean uninstall of prior major upgrades first via the procedures described elsewhere in this forum.
    Then install the major upgrade.
    Before doing the clean uninstall, save the settings so they can be restored after the new install.
    Finally, the official release page does NOT display version
    That could be part of the problem.
    The first official release for version branch 8 is
    I'm sticking wtih Version 7.0.483.000 until 2 more Version 8 OFFICIAL releases are posted.

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