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Thread: Question for Oldsod or other ZA Gurus

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    za_avastfan Guest

    Default Question for Oldsod or other ZA Gurus

    Dear Oldsod and other ZA Gurus,

    If I install the trial version of ZA Forcefield released today will this affect or interfere ZA Pro or any other programs on my computer?

    For example, the temporary serial number that comes with Forcefield - will this cause issues with my ZA Pro number?

    Is it true that Firefox 3.0.1 is not supported by Forcefield? If so, is it a waste of time installing Forcefield?

    I'm keen to try the new ZA product as I've been indeed very happy with ZA Pro over the years.

    My setup:
    - Windows XP Pro
    - ZA Pro
    - Avvast Pro
    - Firefox 3.0.1

    Thanks in advance and keep up the great work!


    PLEASE NOTE: After somewhat embarrassingly finding the Forcefield Thread, I have just moved this message to here

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    riceorony Guest

    Default Re: Question for Oldsod or other ZA Gurus


    I am not a guru but can help you.

    Uninstalling ZA forcefield will NOT interfere with any other ZA product, nor any other security feature/suite you might have installed.

    The temporary serial number that comes with FF is just that, temporary, and is totally different from your ZA Pro number issued when you purchased the product (absolutely 0 interference in my opinion).

    Firefox 3.0 is NOW supported by the NEWEST version of forcefield released a few weeks ago.

    FF works great for me (tried for 2 months now), except sometimes I will need to purge the virtual data as it gets overbearingly large.

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    za_avastfan Guest

    Default Re: Question for Oldsod or other ZA Gurus

    Hello Riceorony,

    Thank you for your reply. I took a chance and installed Forcefield under the special offer and these are my results:

    - Installed without a problem
    - Everything seems fine when I browse the web with Firefox 3.0.1
    - Only once did I receive an error message when I opened Firefox:
    'ZA Forcefield detected an instability error - click yes to send a report etc.'
    - As that has only happened once I think I shall continue to use it
    - Three of my add-ons for Firefox 3.0.1 (English language dictionary and a couple of other dictionaries) are disabled
    - But I can live with that.....

    Again thanks for your information and advice.

    Best wishes,


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    Default Re: Question for Oldsod or other ZA Gurus

    the newest beta of forcefield takes care of any previous errors but you have to uninstall any running version of forcefield to install the beta

    you can find the current beta at
    hope this helps
    thanks robdog
    (c)robdog 2010 (picture & SN)
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