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Thread: Microsoft Promises Huge Patch Day Next Week

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    Default Microsoft Promises Huge Patch Day Next Week

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    Microsoft Promises Huge Patch Day Next Week

    Redmond's October patch release is going to be a busy one. Remember, TEST, TEST, TEST. They announced plans to roll out 11 security alerts coming Tuesday. Four are "critical," six are deemed "important" and one received a "moderate" rating. Here is the Advance Notification:</TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>

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    Default Re: Microsoft Promises Huge Patch Day Next Week

    So much for the patches! Oct. 16th Microsoft downloaded 9 security patches. I have 2 servers with ZoneAlarm installed on both and a hardware firewall. The database server responded to the patches without a hitch. The file server was a melt-down. It shut down ZoneAlarm and even though I had Internet access, no one one the network could access files. I tried manually starting ZoneAlarm to no avail. I ended up uninstalling all patches downloaded on Oct. 16 AND uninstalling ZoneAlarm on the file server so network users could have access. Has anyone else run into this problem?

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