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Thread: Hacker Def/Alert/Log / Intrusion Prot/Detec System / Sure up Windows Vulnerabilities etc

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    Default Hacker Def/Alert/Log / Intrusion Prot/Detec System / Sure up Windows Vulnerabilities etc

    I notice zonealarm does not have any software that would act in the below ways...
    Anti-Hacker Defense/Alert/Logging / Intrusion Protection/Detection System / Sure up Windows Vulnerabilities etc
    Can zonealarm make software that could build into the internet security suite either as a seperate add on or part of the main program.
    Also does anyone know any good software that will fullfil these roles?
    Software that can defend itself from attack, by hackers wishing to disable it.
    Anti-Hacker Defense (code that will thwart a hackers attempts to access, modify settings/registry/files, gain passwords / other info, install etc)
    /Alert (alert the user in real time they have a hacker a big red pop up box, also sending details about the hacker to the software makers to log the attack, before any tracks of the attack are erased), sophisticated software that can determine whether an internet connection to your pc through all the various methods is a hacker or malicious etc
    /Logging (log all details of the hack and what the hacker / malicious software caused on your pc, a way of following their every move and thwarting them of course)
    Intrusion Protection/Detection System (software that performs both tasks and does so very well... i notice these systems are usually for servers and not for desktop pc's.. why is that... is there any desktop solutions?, i feel there is a need.
    Sure up Windows Vulnerabilities (ms windows is not secure by default, ive found this out already... been hacked before, caught users on my pc when i logged off, it said there was a user connected to my pc... that really annoyed me, i felt the windows software should be capable of at least telling me when another user is logged into my pc, but no... so im looking for software that will do that and much more... i reinstalled windows again, auto updated to service pack 3 and noticed that remote control / desktop / invitations were on by default... this is just one glarring problem amongst others... the windows logs do not log security info like log ons and log offs and policy changes etc... not sure if a hacker did connect he would show up in that list anyway?.. it may be a way of telling if you were hacked... i have a list somewhere, probably lost now of certain changes i should make to windows to help sure up security... found from trawling the internet for info... things like giving every account including guest a password, turning guest off (off by default i think)... there were also some services on by default that i turned off, cant remember which now... and registry changes i made... to remove windows shares etc and otherwise tighten security.
    i'm sure i only managed to scratch the surface of what needs to be done in order to better secure a windows pc.
    i would like some software that would protect all manner of settings on the pc... hardware / software, registry, proccesses, startup, policies, router/modem/ip etc, services (protect them and also stop/query new ones that are added... go through the list and turn off the dangerous ones etc hoping they would not cause other programs not to function, maybe the software could listr programs that would need that service etc.., protect the logs/event viewer info, network settings, internet settings including internet explorer, email etc, all ini files and other windows info / settings files and all drivers, protects the system restore folder from being infiltrated...
    software that will allow you to go through questions/stages where you set a security level for each component (everything) on your computer so that your pc becomes more secured, as secured as it can be by the end of it.
    not sure if my pc is at risk if i boot the pc and leave it at the login screen?... but on my other computer zone alarm was always the last program in the system tray that would load... i guess its first come first served regarding loading order... but zone alarm wont even install until you have a certain windows update kb so its usually the last thing loaded... anti-virus and other programs that are loaded can cause there to be a big delay (minutes) where you could be unprotected?... or would windows firewall automatically turn on until zonealarm loads???
    is there a way of making zonealarm load first?
    Yes i am very worried that my computer will be hacked into at the moment and have good reason to be worried though i wont disclose why.

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:8.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    Default The Best Protection in the Industry..

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    ZoneAlarm Security Suite version:
    TrueVector version:
    Driver version:
    Anti-virus engine version:
    Anti-virus signature DAT file version:961720816
    Anti-spyware engine version:
    Anti-spyware signature DAT file version:01.200810.4776
    AntiSpam version:<DIV class=body>
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