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Thread: How big a deal is 2-factor authentication?

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    pari_bert Guest

    Default How big a deal is 2-factor authentication?

    Hi, my company runs a cisco vpn in order to enable secure (SSL) remote access to our corporate network.
    I'm the CEO and don't know a lot about this stuff, but my IT guys are telling me that my network won't be really secure until we implement a 2-factor authentication solution as well.
    I, who lived through the Y2K scare and am still skeptical about the millions I spent, don't yet feel confident that this is necessary.
    Any thoughts out there in cyber-space?

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    deetya_charles Guest

    Default Re: How big a deal is 2-factor authentication?

    It's pretty important, actually.
    Think about it this way:
    You can have a great security system for your house that is really good defending you against the bad guys.
    But what if someone you don't like has the key to the front door, and knows the security code?
    It would be really great to figure out how to prevent that person from entering...

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    malika_kirk Guest

    Default Where is the weakness?

    Deetya's comment conveys a significant truth:
    The weakest link is your employees themselves.
    It's hard to build a system that protects your system if those allowed to navigate it aren't careful.
    They establish easy passwords, share passwords, don't lock their computers, and lose laptops.

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    deetya_charles Guest

    Default It's the People!

    So there are fundamentally two strategies to take here.
    One is to train people carefully, emphasize the value of corporate data, give them carrots and sticks that motivate them to be careful.
    The other is to figure out how to protect yourself from them in ways that prevent them from being careless.
    One way to do this is to introduce 2-factor authentication.

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    malika_kirk Guest

    Default Remove the power

    So if I follow you, one purpose of 2-factor authentication in a vpn security environment is to prevent the negative consequences of people's inevitable dumb mistakes?

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    deetya_charles Guest

    Default Re: Remove the power

    Yes, exactly, if someone loses their laptop, they probably won't lose their 2nd factor token (or in my recommended case, their cellphone which could serve as the second factor).

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