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Thread: Which Firefox add-ons do YOU use?

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    za_avastfan Guest

    Default Which Firefox add-ons do YOU use?


    Which add-ons do YOU use for Firefox 3.0.4?

    Here are mine!

    - Adblock Plus
    - British English Dictionary
    - Downloadhelper
    - Dr. Web Anti-virus Link Checker
    - Finjan Secure Browsing
    - Forcefield Toolbar
    - Java Quick Starter
    - MultirowBookmarks Toolbar
    - Noscript
    - RealPlayer Browser Record Plugin


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    Default Re: Which Firefox add-ons do YOU use?

    I do not use the Firefox, but use instead Opera.
    These are all available in Opera except for the ZAFF toolbar.
    [*]urlfilter.ini replaces the adblock[*]aspell can be used in Opera with translations[*]Opera comes with a bit torrent (unenabled) and download manager[*]Dr.Web...[*]Java is fully functional by default in Opera[*]Bookmarks are easily managed by default and the files and folders are easily accessible. There maybe no exact equilavent in Opera, but there are various tricks to use in it's place (open saved sessions, quick launch, option to open and entire folder, option to use extender menu for toolbars, etc)[*]Custom user js and simple user site preferences can used.[*] realplayer plugin, and others such as irfanview, quicktimes, adobe are automatically available. Flash used is the same version as for Firefox/Mozilla

    Best regards.

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    bdayuser Guest

    Default Re: Which Firefox add-ons do YOU use?

    Adblock Filterset.G Updater
    Adblock Plus
    English (Australian) Dictionary
    IDM CC - Internet Download Manager Intergration

    Addons I have but they are disabled.
    Ultrasurf Firefox Tool - Use it unfrequently
    Microsoft .NET Framework Assistant - Don't see the point of this.

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