You may find a hardware update for: IdeaCom technologies Inc. -Input- IdeaCom HID touchscreen (ps2)
- for the Jan. 13, 2009 Microsoft Update
IdeaCom Technology Inc. - Input - IdeaCom HID Touch Screen (PS/2)<div class="spanDetails">Download size: 31 KB , less than 1 minute
IdeaCom Technology Inc. Input software update released in December, 2008

<a target="_blank">Details... </a><hr>If you have auto-updates it may be too late; but those of you with manual, please be cautious with this particular update - there are some early reports of 'severe problems affecting your touchpads/ mouse -keyboards.'
Click here &gt;
<hr>and here &gt;<hr>&gt; here &gt;<hr>Installing this may stop your mouse from working if its connect through the PS/2 port or it may also stop your touchpad on your laptop from working.<hr><hr>If you are
sure you
will not be
HID touchscreen technology/ features - as TRWis said...Don't forget to go back to microsoft update and click on don't show this update again!!! X-(
Update:1-16-09 - Still investigating this Microsoft 'blooper' and just read some bit about 'the update is 'mysteriously' gone from the hardware options list &gt; and sure enough I checked my own, and it's not there even thou I had &quot;not&quot; previously 'clicked on don't show this update again'. H-mm.:0 X-( Looks like Microsoft made this update entry &quot;disappear.&quot; There is still no 'official' Microsoft
response or reasonable explanation of what has happened; especially to all those who mistakenly accepted the 'auto update' or blindly manually updated this 'blooper.'

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