1 in 3 Windows PCs vulnerable to worm attack Slow corporate patch cycles have led to high infection rates, security expert says<div class="byline_date_toolsuite"><div class="byline_date"><ul>[*]By Gregg Keizer, Computerworld
January 16, 2009[/list]

One in three Windows machines is vulnerable to the Downadup worm. A patch was issued in October, but many machines were not fixed. About 3.5 million machines have been infected.

The worm that has infected several million Windows PCs is causing havoc because nearly a third of all systems remain unpatched 80 days after Microsoft rolled out an emergency fix, a security expert said Thursday.[an error occurred while processing this directive]

Based on scans of several hundred thousand customer-owned Windows PCs, Qualys concluded that about 30 percent of the machines have not yet been patched with the &quot;out of cycle&quot; fix Microsoft provided Oct. 23 as security update MS08-067.http://www.infoworld.com/article/09/..._attack_1.html