Hi all,
I know I'm nolonger a ZA customer so I'll understand if this is removed or I get no replies...
On my Vista Ultimate I finally talked Dell into replacing my noisy HD, Hence my question
I have both the old and new HD installed, but now I need to "clone" my old drive to thenew one...
Dell told me
to just drag and drop all info/folders
into the new drive.
Will this work to compelety " Clone" my new drive
to make it
my new boot drive that willbe exactly the same (boot-up, programs, Games,
Registry and settings
as my old driveis???
If not, is there any other way to do this without buying software?? If I do needadditional software is
True Image still the best program for this??
Thanks again And hope all is well with all!!
Besides the above, Both the Vista Ult. and XP Pro is running Great(on the XP now) Ihad to give the XP a test since I just
upgraded to IE8(yes I still use it) So far all is playingnice with programs that is on here along with the "other" 16.5 version that is on the XP,it's a bit faster but just a bit. No problems yet.... Still waiting to upgrade the Vista...
B Good People!!!