Ron, I KNOW you will be back with ZA, it's irresistible.
Here's the thing: Acronis TI lets you clone, or image in many fashions. So once you clone your one disc, you can then use TI for reliable backups (inremental, differential) of the whole disc, or partition or individual directories, and unlike Gh o st (I spaced it out, to not cause bleep) you can always access individual files, every single one. I mean access. Open, copy, anything. So it's a tool for many jobs. Is $40-50 high? of course it is. Is it worth it? YOU BET.
Just so you know, Seagate internal drives sales (NOT external) include some version of Acronis TI and it worked great for my son when he replaced his HD on an old, old system, with the Seagate drive.
NO, I'm not in any way associated with Acronis. It's just that I tried several FREE alternatives and all failed by my standards one of which is a simple thing to even be able to install or they claim they can do your documents, big deal. That ain't good enough.
What am I trying to tell ya? Cloning which you need now, once, is a one-time job. The other features are forever (if bugs, they do updates). Enough rambling.

Ron, read this

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