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Thread: Security of ASK-Toolbar bundled with ZA free

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    topasbc Guest

    Default Security of ASK-Toolbar bundled with ZA free

    In the latest distribution of ZA free I was not able any more to deselect the installation of bundled ASK-Toolbar.

    I found some articles that made me afraid of the ASK Toolbar that was labeled as spyware recently. The articles are from 2007.

    Does anyone knows how secure the ASK-toolbar is today???

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: Security of ASK-Toolbar bundled with ZA free

    If you read the article carefully, it does state there was a past problem but 'they' have cleaned up their act; all/ most scanners will not detect anything.<hr>If you have it installed, in your browser there are ways to 'remove' the toolbar, manage add-on's, etc. You should be able to visually 'erase' it's presence, at the very least; and dis-able it as an 'add-on.'<hr>&gt; excerpts...
    ...the Ask toolbar(s) were labeled in the past as malware or spyware by several anti-spyware providers, mostly due to the actions of distribution partners who were discovered to have taken advantage of known Windows exploits to self-install advertising-delivery programs without the computer user's knowledge or consent. The spyware accusations peaked in 2005- 2006 as the Ask toolbars were labeled as spyware by many leading anti-spyware providers, such as Spybot, McAfee, TrendMicro, and others.
    Since then, Ask claims they have severed ties with the partners whose practices earned the Ask toolbar a reputation as spyware and current anti-spyware results seem to support those claims.

    The Ask toolbar can easily be uninstalled from Firefox/Internet Explorer...<hr>

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