Hi! I was wondering what you guys thought about this, maybe I am misunderstanding and worreid about nothing, but basically I loved Google Earth at my work PC, and now at home it wouldn't work because here I had set my IE to stay offline. I only surf with Firefox, as I remember how, no matter how short a time I went online with IE, my old AVG would pick up at least a few tracking cookies straight after, and I just don't like it anyway.
But Google Earth seems to only work via Internet Explorer.
But does that traffic stay somewhere in the google domain? Is it therefore OK? Or do I need to do something to make the IE safer, or can I even fix it to go via Firefox isntead?
It runs slow and jumpy, too, but that could be to do with me running two firewalls...

Operating System:Windows Vista Home Basic
Software Version:8.0
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite