I've just upgraded my windows vista home basic to vista ultimate(x86) with fresh installation a few weeks ago and also had installed ZAXS. So far everything works great (No problem with the AV&AntiSpyware updater) until yesterday windows update shown a service pack 2 had been released and i downloaded and installed the service pack 2 on my vista ultimate. I realized that after installing service pack 2, ZAXS automatic AV&AntiSpyware updater stop working every morning around 8 to 10 (I set the updater hourly). And it has been two days since yesterday and today. I have to restart my notebook to enable again the AV&AntiSpyware updater. Do i need to uninstall the ZAXS and do fresh ZAXS installation? If i do reset the ZAXS setting,will the AV&AntiSpyware definition which i've downloaded and up-to-date will be erased?

Thanks for your advice...

Operating System:Windows Vista Ultimate
Software Version:8.0
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Extreme Security