This is a message for the knowledge of other users with the same problem.

I confirm, after several tests, that Zone Alarm v.8 IS conflicting with XP PRO Sp3.

I have read in the forum a solution to repair corrupted registry ( ?? )
That is not a general solution: did'nt worked for me and other users.

In the following is the detailed message I wrote to the Zone Alarm Assistance.
The test was done on a fresh, basic installation of XP Pro, please read details.
Other users with same problem are encouraged to perform tests and to write to Zone Alarm Assistance.

This is the address for ZA technical support:


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Sorry for late reply due to severat test done to fully understand the problem.

I confirm that When installing Zone Alarm v. on a FRESH, BASIC
installation of XP Pro Sp3 slipstreamed, System restore is not working.
In the test installation NO ADDED DRIVERS - NO ADDED SOFTWARE at all.

In detail.

Before installing Zone Alarm v.8:
System restore works fully.

Afrer Zone Alarm v.8 installation:
System restore works if the restore point is in the current day (not tested with a reboot).
System Restore does'nt work if the restore point is in the past.

Uninstalling Zone Alarm v.8:
System restore works fully again.

This issue rises with the first version of ZA v.8.
I Never had problems with ZA v.7

Best regards

Operating System:Windows XP Pro
Software Version:8.0
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Antivirus