Apparently my previous post
has been ended.
Likely my fault for inactivity. I have spent some time on the issue of my XP Pro system, using IE8 and ZAFF slowing down to a snails pace and basically close to completely freezing when attempting any mp4 video downloads from any site and slowing most web activity far too much to be useful.
I haven't had time to exhaust all the suggested testing.
I am grateful for
a lot of good technical responses and suggestions received from the forum.
I was unable to resolve the issue so far and got tired of spending adequate time to determine the exact application conflict that is causing the issue.
Working on such things takes so much productive time away that you get frustrated very quickly.
My ZAFF subscription has come up for renewal in the meantime and I haven't renewed, and don't plan to, until a newer version is available that addresses my problems.
Basically I expect software and utilities to co-exist peacefully with my system, (as it is). As a developer and trainer I am careful what I add but I have it set up the way I need to work.
If a utility can't work seamlessly then I have to just give up and move on no matter how much I believe that utility can be useful.
I was very happy with ZAFF and highly recommended it to my clients and usergroup before the IE8 update.
It worked fine until I did the IE8 upgrade.
Therein lies the problem that tech seems to believe shouldn't be a problem as tested on their clean systems.
Most systems are not so "clean".
That is the beauty and the problems of Windows.
Anything goes.
I know it is very difficult for code to implement every possible variation.
There are just too many.
Let me know when the next major version is shipped and I will likely give ZAFF one last try.

Operating System:Windows XP Pro
Software Version:8.0
Product Name:ZoneAlarm ForceField