Microsoft's Fix for the Firefox Add-on Snafu

At this link :

If you want to uninstall Add-ons Microsoft.Net Framework Assistant 1.1

I would create a System Restore Point before just in case .

Read instructions very careful before trying.

I just uninstall it.4 updates involved.Must install in right sequence for right OS
x86.exe or x64.exe.

Foot Note : Add-ons must be enable before removing.

No issues after uninstalling.

My personal take on this is that this update adds to Firefox one of the most dangerous vulnerabilities present in all versions of Internet Explorer, the ability for Web sites to easily and quietly install software on your PC.

This is the reason as to why I now have automatic updates dis-able.I update every month just on my own terms. I always use custom update and I choose what needs to be installed.

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