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Thread: Forcefield key shows expired after restart

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    Default Forcefield key shows expired after restart

    I have a forcefield serial key installed and when i first install it it shows the correct days until expiration (350 or so) and it will be fine for a day or 2, then after shutting the computer down a few times (turning it off at night) i will log in and forcefield will show that my license is expired?!?! I try to re enter the key and it continues to say expired. I then have to do the whole adding /rmlicense command and then uninstall and completely reinstall the program, and then the cycle begins....good for a few days and the back to square one. Can anyone help me with this? ZA tech support is really terrible as far as my experience, I have contacted them multiple times and the only solution they give me is to just continue to go through the motion (/rmlicense, uninstall, reinstall) This i think is a little ridiculous.

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    Hi!you have to keep to go back to support and report that the issue is not resolved.This is the only way to properly troubleshoot the problem.Cheers,Fax

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