Before ForceField, my IE Browser's default Home Page was set to Blank -- and I could simply type and go.
Now with ForceField, the Blank Home Page curser no longer is set at the Address Bar, ready to type in the desired URL and Enter; the Address Bar curser is set in the blue highlighted position on the Address Bar (ready to accept a fresh URL), but rather now the curser on the Address Bar jumps off the Address Field and must manually be put back on it, in order to type the desired URL - Enter and thereby Go to the URL address typed-in.
What is a momentary distraction and mouse movement becomes substantial hassle over time, since every time I click on a new Tab, I next must manually move the Curser back to the new page's Address Field, where no longer does the Cursor await my typing-in a new address to go to; so with ForceField, everytime I open a new blank Tab I have to click on the Address Field with my Mouse before I can type in an address, click Enter and get there.
How come?
It's an obvious Bug to anyone who uses Explorer Tabs when he wants to enter another URL whilst keeping the older Tab on its present site.
Gosh, if the CheckPoint folks use their own product, they must be aware of the extra step ForceField makes the user take before he can type in a new URL on a blank Tab.
So, the flaw is obvious (to a ForecField user) -- and the extra time & energy really adds up over time; it would seem just a silly oversight which would not be hard to repair (for the designers, that is).

Am I missing something here, like a security rationale that hadn't obviously
Is there anything I can do to get the curser defaulted-on in the Address Field when opening a new Tab every time?
Thanks for the aid!

Operating System:Windows Vista Home Premium
Software Version:7.1 (Vista)
Product Name:Other ZoneAlarm Product