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Thread: Do we need it?

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    makarov Guest

    Default Do we need it?

    I've used ZoneAlarm Security Suite for almost two years now, and frankly it seems to have served me well. Apart from a disastrous time last year when I knowingly ALLOWED a terrible virus to enter my system via LimeWire (the downloads from that source have a VERY high incidence of included viruses, and I really did want a piece of software) which took many days to get rid of, I have never had a problem.
    The virus problem mentioned above would not have been allowed in but for my actions, and ForceField would not have helped. Thus, although I have been trying it out for a week now, I really cannot see what good it does. Sure, it gives me a 'private' browser, but I cannot see the use. The ZoneAlarm firewall is almost completely impervious to attack and catches just about everything, and with daily virus and spyware definition updates and frequent virus and spyware scans I seem have no problems.
    (MY greatest problem is 'loss of focus' with my keyboard - seems to be caused by Firefox, they say..)
    So unless somebody points out a great advantage, I'll probably lose ForceField!

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    Default Re: Do we need it?

    Some people will be interested in the ZAFF and some will not.
    I can't really say how well it protects or if it is really needed, as I have never tried it.
    More than likely won't either. As it stands now, my own personal security setup withstands almost every troyan site and bad site known to the interent.
    I am that well protected and secured.
    Plus I do not shop/bank/do business on the internet.
    And I do not use either the Internet Explorer (other than for updates) or the Firefox browsers.

    Best regards.

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    makarov Guest

    Default Re: Do we need it?

    I must say I DO shop/bank/do business on the internet, and as far as I can see I STILL haven't been attacked; and I believe that I owe it partly to ZoneAlarm and partly to the fact that most of what I do is probably exceedingly boring, even to potential attackers.
    To be honest the thing I fear most is identity theft, however there again I've so far suffered no harm.
    So what do you use as a browser, and why do you think it's so good? (Specifically.)

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    Default Re: Do we need it?

    Actually I said my setup is secure not stressing the browser.
    Although the browser is safer than either Firefox or Internet Explorer (isn't any browser more secure than the IE?).

    Just check with Secunia and do the comparisions of the lates known browser vulnerabilities for latest versions of Firefox and Internet Explorer. You may find the opera has consistantly been the least vulnerable browser of all browsers with the fastest releases to resolve any known vulnerabilites. At present there are zero vulnerabilities for Opera while both Fx and IE always have ongoing security issues.

    see zero vulnerabilities unpatched here:

    for version 9

    for version 8

    no vulnerabilities left, all are patched and resolved as soon as possible.

    see here for Firefox and IE:

    Opera browser does not allow for toolbars or addons or weird extensions. It is closed source, not open source as is the Firefox or "let-every- and- any-dll-install permissive" as the Internet Explorer.
    On the other hand, what the opera browser has to offer is sufficent for my needs.
    If one is prepared to do some time and effort to learn how to use the browser to it's best potential with all it's available tricks and facets, it can be tweaked and customized/used in many ways. Without additional toolbars or bloat type of addons/extensions.

    Usually safe and intelligent use of windows and the internet will avoid malware.
    I take it then you fall into the category of intelligent and safe user and not the irresponsible user.
    It is not easy for some users to learn or understand safe hex without hitting some hard or rough spots along the way.

    Opera easily allows for customized javascripts to change web pages and itself.
    Security can be enhanced easily without grease monkey (as with the Firefox) or complications with the IE.
    The same applies to the style sheets.
    The default urlfiltering can be used through the gui of the browser or customized directly into the .ini itself. It does handle wild cards and other variables for global or general or site specific blocking. If one understand the how and thw why.
    Menus and the built in toolbar can be customized in the general gui of the browser or once again by manually editing it's files (usually the really neat stuff).

    If you care to investigate this browser any further...

    In addition to the script and style sheets and urlfiltering of the browser, I use webwasher classic with it default and additional customized filters. This in turn is chained to privoxy with it's usual and additional custom filters (with Spamassassin Blacklists included for extra measure).
    Plus I use protowall IP blocker which is blocking 2832887596 IP addresses in 6613 ranges in most protocols. Again using custom block lists- spyware, troyans, phishs, trackers, corporations, and undesireable continents (asia, russia, south and central america, mexico, carribean, africa, oceana, middle east, etc - okay I'll admit...I allow just n. amreica and europe and completely block the rest of the internet off)
    I use the system safety monitor for additional security of the desktop.
    I use avira premium antivirus with the web scanner for additional security - http traffic is completely scanned first before the file can even enter the hard drive.
    I employ two routers on the lan, each providing nat and spi and each blocking specific ports and port ranges. Plus there is a hardware bridge type of firewall in front of the routers.
    If there is really going to be a risk, I will use the limited user account instead of the admin "allow all" account.
    Plus the windows has been hardened considerablely and secured beyond the usual ways/methods and the OS is fully patched.
    Plus the software firewall, the ZA. The ZA is never used without rules and only with rules. Additional security with rules not found or seen in the default settings of the ZA.
    So I think my setup is very secure.


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    Best regards.

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    technphobe Guest

    Default Re: Do we need it?

    From what i have gathered, it protects you also from keylogging and spying. While threats can't penetrate with normal Zone operating system, Firewall ensures that a third party won't be able to record your key strokes, view the web sites you visit.

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