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Thread: ForceField and Firefox 3

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    forum_moderator Guest

    Default ForceField and Firefox 3

    Currently there are some compatibility issues between ForceField and Firefox 3.Development is working on a fix. The fix will first be posted as a beta and then released to the public as an update.No specific ETA when this will happen as of yet.Best regards,Forum Moderator

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    wstern Guest

    Default Re: ForceField and Firefox 3

    I have purchased ForceField and am not using it because of its conflicts with Firefox 3.
    Once an ETA on the ForceField fix is know, please share it with us.

    Thank you

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    pmarsh Guest

    Default Re: ForceField and Firefox 3

    Thanks for the information, I wonder if the guys at Check Point checked ForceField with the last beta release of Firefox 3 could this situation have been avoided?

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    forum_moderator Guest

    Default Re: ForceField and Firefox 3

    New beta posted today. Now supports Firefox Moderator

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    jeserfen Guest

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    hi, just thought i would say that forcefield beta was showing up in firefox 3 as incompatible, so i uninstalled firefox 3, rebooted my computer fully, uninstalled forcefield, rebooted fully, installed forcefield beta, rebooted fully, then installed firefox 3 while forcefield was running, rebooted fully, cleared virtual data in forcefield and now it is working fine. far as i can tell. much luck.

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