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    maddon Guest

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    Having been a subscriber to ZASS, I would like to know if FF is a one time only purchase?



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    naivemelody Guest

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    Yes. Although you own ForceField for life once you buy it, many parts of ForceField such as Spy site blocking and anti-phishing require ongoing updates to work.

    For the current annual license fee please click here.

    Note that unlike many other security products, the annual fee entitles you to all new versions, even major, of ForceField, along with technical support.<hr>Click here for more info &gt;<hr>and here &gt;<hr>To continue
    'updating' would be as important as your anti-virus getting updates; you can essentially keep it forever with no further updates; but your
    security would be 'severly' limited to a 'stagnant' level of protection(?). :0 Other thoughts to consider, ForceField is continually &quot;adapting/ configuring/ fixes&quot; to allow for a multitude of outside software versions/ upgrades and thus it would be prudent to keep up with subscription updating. See the ForceField Beta board &gt;
    = you will see constant
    for fixes/ updates
    so that ForceField
    configure properly with
    an evergrowing number of changing software.<hr>NaiveMelody NYC 6-20-08 - I'll Take You There - The Staple Singers

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