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Thread: Wot!! No Password.

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    zykan Guest

    Default Wot!! No Password.

    I find it annoying when you trial/buy a security product and then find it sadly lacks
    password protection.

    Kids or their friends can come round to your house to use the PC, they come across Forcefield doing its job and then realise they can do
    3 things - 1. Exit the program from the
    bar (bottom right). 2. Change the settings on the toolbar (above) 3. Accept the changes to a site that might not be trustworthy.
    These 3 actions can be carried out without the main person, who installed it, be their....and the
    main pwerson
    would't be any the wiser to those actions.
    Does ZA or Checkpoint read these forums and take note of feedback or would i need to send this to them?
    If latter, is there an email that i can send this to in the hope it can be acted upon?
    What is required is a password that would protect the above areas so only the person who installed it has total control.
    As it stands at the moment
    i see a very good program made useless by lack of a password but this can be changes to a very strong program once password protection is added.


    Operating System:Windows Vista Business
    Software Version:7.1 (Vista)
    Product Name:Other ZoneAlarm Product

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    curiousone Guest

    Default Re: Wot!! No Password.

    The following suggestion may not suit your situation but have you considered keeping your own (Admin Level) entry password protected at logon and creating another limited acess logon for kids/guests with limited access rights which may address some of your issues.
    You will need to test the limited access to see to what extent it suits your purposes.
    I am not particularly familiar with Vista but a Guest or Standard logon may be suitable.

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    zykan Guest

    Default Re: Wot!! No Password.

    I already have that on this system but that doesn't stop someone from overiding forcefield; this should be to the person who installed it so control over lesser web pages etc are controlled properly.
    A lot of security programs, even its similar equivalent, Site Advisor, have password protection.

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