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Thread: Field Force vs. Zone Alarm Internet Security Suite

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    dchrismiller Guest

    Default Field Force vs. Zone Alarm Internet Security Suite

    I bought both products recently. Now I'm not so sure FF was necessary. Are its components included in ZA Internet Security Suite? Is there any added benefit to run both?



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    Default Re: Field Force vs. Zone Alarm Internet Security Suite

    Hi!see here (under 'feature comparison' tab) what it offers on top of ZASS:,Fax

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    zaffuserbeing Guest

    Default Re: Field Force vs. Zone Alarm Internet Security Suite

    The online Help has a FAQ with that question answered:

    ForceField does a number of key things that ZoneAlarm alone does not do:<div class="pSmartList1"><ul><a target="_blank"></a>[/list]<div class="pSmartList1">[*]ForceField can stop &quot;zero day&quot; drive-by downloads, which are not yet discovered by antivirus and antispyware databases and have no known solution.<ul>[/list][/list]<a target="_blank"></a><div class="pSmartList1">[*]ForceField warns you when you go to sites that do not have adequate security credentials.<ul>[/list][/list]<a target="_blank"></a><div class="pSmartList1">[*]ForceField detects known and unknown phishing Web sites. Checks sites against up-to-date database of known phishing sites. Can detect unknown phishing sites created only seconds ago with heuristics (detecting characteristics of phishing).<ul>[/list][/list]<a target="_blank"></a><div class="pSmartList1">[*]ForceField includes the Privacy Browser option so you can choose to leave no trace on your computer of what you've typed or where you've been.<ul>[/list][/list]<a target="_blank"></a><div class="pSmartList1">[*]ForceField blocks the system calls that keylogger and screen grabber programs use to secretly record your keystrokes or onscreen activity. This eliminates the risk of waiting for scan that might not find them.<ul>[/list][/list]

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