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Thread: print to pdf - acrobat not activated

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    rblasdf Guest

    Default print to pdf - acrobat not activated

    When I print to "Adobe PDF" in a ForceField Firefox 2.16 session, Adobe Acrobat Professional pops up a dialog that says it is not activated, and the activation menu picks are greyed out. (Acrobat is of course activated on this machine)

    So, how do I fix this?

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:Other ZoneAlarm Product

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    peaston Guest

    Default Re: print to pdf - acrobat not activated

    In addition to Adobe Acrobat, the following two programs are also giving error messages when attempted to print from a ZoneAlarm ForceField virtual browser instance (they work fine from an unprotected browser):

    HotDocs PDF Driver
    ScanSoft PDF Create!

    The first error message states:

    Cant' load CmDll7.dll

    When you click "OK" it gives the file path of the PDF driver.

    I am unable to print to PDF from any Forcefield protected browser.

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