Hi, i`m using Free Download Manager (previously Internet Download Manager) and they both had the same issues. Whenever i click a download link it opens another instance of the dmanager thus messing up the qeues and rewriting downloads..I`m using a ForceField trial and would really like to purchase a licence but if i cant stop the dmanagers issue, i wont be buying one.First manager i used was IDM after i`ve experienced this problem with forcefield i uninstalled it and tried FD manager instead hoping it wont act the same.
it worked for the first half hour or so... after that it started doing the same thing as with IDM.. not only but if i right-clicka link, the drop-down menu will also show the IDM options, which i have previously uninstalled. Also in the process manager for the duplicate instance it says under description "zone alarm forcefield". ..
hope someone could help me with this, offer me an answer or a fix for my problem, thanx in advance, cheers!

Operating System:Windows Vista Home Basic
Product Name:Other ZoneAlarm Product