I've just installed the new update for forcefield that supposed to work with firefox 3. I was using firefox 2.something but i thought what the heck i'll update. Once i've update i can no longer open a browser with forcefield protection, either ordinary protection or Private browser. I know it is forcefield causing the problem because i can connect via an unprotected browser. I have also upgraded firefox to 3.01 so it's not a compatability problem. I'm running vista 32 bit and i haven't downloaded the update that is supposed to be causing problems. So can someone tell me what the **bleep** is happening and how do i fix it. Do i have to uninstall the most recent update and go back to the previous version of forcefield, having to put in my password again etc?

Are zonealarm going to fix this problem. I've paid for this product and i expect it to work.

Operating System:Windows Vista Home Premium
Product Name:Other ZoneAlarm Product