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    bwc Guest

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    Prior posts on this issue:

    I am having this issue with SnagIt. I don't even have the browers open. Just hit Print Scrn and the entire screen goes white.
    I do have the settings in FF set for https only. I did try with that off completely.

    Win XP SP3; FF trial.

    Works ok for everyone else?


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    bwc Guest

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    Finally got to work after clearing the Virtual Data and restarting FF.

    Thought I had done that before, but guess I got the sequence wrong.

    Anyway, ok now.


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    bwc Guest

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    Its back to the same as before....!@#$% It worked for awhile and now same ol, same ol.
    AND I have FF closed...its not even running. It must have reset something in SnagIt.

    I'll keep trying a while longer, an then just uninstall FF and forgetaboutit.


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    bwc Guest

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    Rebooted with FF active and keylogging on but just https urls.

    SnagIt working ok w/o browser up, and with http site up! Brought up a https site and full white screen...perfect.
    Closed browser, and still ok.

    So, the reboot must have done the trick....I guess. ugh

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