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Thread: ForceField interfrence with PrintScreen Pro

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    oldcomputerguy Guest

    Default ForceField interfrence with PrintScreen Pro

    Just a comment here for others information.
    Been testing FF for a while, seems to work well, getting used to the difference of protected, unprotected, and private
    browser sessions and what can be done.
    Using Vista Ultimate and Business, multi-monitors, ZLSS, CounterSpy v2, and Windows Defender.
    (yes lots of overlapping anti-spyware, but I fix computers for a living, and see the damage on other computers, I don't want it on mine, thank you!)
    For the most part all seems to be working as expected.
    I use unprotected sessions when doing my usual work of remote control access to clients, go to protected mode
    when doing
    normal browsing, and go to the private browser when I am in really unknown territory doing research.
    I did come across one particular conflict.
    It was easily resolved (situation anticipated in the help pop-ups).
    Gadwin's PrintScreen Pro is a great tool for selecting areas on the screen and printing them directly with a click of the printscreen key.
    However, when in a protected
    browser sessions, when pressing the PrintScreen key, both monitors go black.

    I assume the FF is interpeting the PrintScreen Pro as some sort of KeyLogger since it is monitoring keys pressed for different functions.
    By adjusting the
    (advanced settings)
    to block programs only in secure sessions (https) it allows the printscreen program to function normally.

    Operating System:Windows Vista Ultimate
    Software Version:7.1 (Vista)
    Product Name:Other ZoneAlarm Product

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    garylin Guest

    Default Re: ForceField interfrence with PrintScreen Pro

    Indeed, my screen grabber program failed also!
    I use my VidCard ATI program called Hydravision/MagnifyFX, and it too.. is corrupted when using FF.
    ZA needs to address this and fix it.
    Used OldComputerGuy's recommendation to "override" issue.. but don't feel as though this is legitimate!
    ZA needs to address!!
    Add'l info:
    if I bump up my magnification beyond the base 1:1 level, it will work.
    keywords screen print, grabThank goodness for this forum.. otherwise I was about to discontinue/uninstall.
    Otherwise, in using along with Kaspersky IntSec, it really bogs down surfing speed.. not impressed thus far

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