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    cayote Guest

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    Hi. I don't know if this applies to all email, I don't have the time to test but with incredimail installed (I know, but my mom likes it) I am unable to click on any links in emails when forcefield is installed. I like forcefield but find that it has a few (bugs?) things that don't work for me. I thought it was an incredimail problem and went through the whole tech support thing with them with no luck. I then uninstalled forcefield and voila! links started working again. If this gets a fix, I'd reinstall forcefield I think. I say I think because I'm not too please with some of the other forcefield limitations. E.G. Cannot save images unless I'm using "protected browser". Cookies and passwords don't always save while using "protected browser". I like the idea of the protected browser, but if I determine that a site is safe, I'd like to be able to save cookies and/or passwords without having to switch to normal browser. Anyway, this post is mostly informational, but comments are welcome. Thanks, Cayote

    Operating System:Windows Vista Home Premium
    Software Version:7.1 (Vista)
    Product Name:Other ZoneAlarm Product

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    pjthelion Guest

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    I also have Zonealarm security suite but thought forcfield would make a good addition with the blocking Keylogging. Once I installed it my Outlook 2007 stopped working. Outlook would crash if i hit send, tried to open my address book, it didn't matter. Once that happened Outlook would not come back up I had to restart my computer. I think Zonelabs has some bugs to work out!!!!!

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    weebit Guest

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    Might as well forget about those passwords you saved in your Browser too. Even though I know how to get to mine, it wont auto load them even though i uninstalled the software. I uninstalled because... four email clients, and only two of them are working since the install. Remove Forcefield, and they work fine. I really don't understand why it even does this because during install it explicitly tells you that it does not go to the root of your OS. So what's up? Maybe your soon release date might be a memory? This release is not ready for prime time. Sorry. What a bummer, i just turned it loose on almost 300 members. Looks like i will be busy for a while.

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