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Thread: Firefox 3 Incompatibility - Both XP AND Vista

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    wmconey Guest

    Default Firefox 3 Incompatibility - Both XP AND Vista

    Two separate laptops: one runs Vista Business SP1, the other Win XP SP2. Installing Forcefield results in Firefox 3 being unable to load. Exit ForceField, Firefox 3 loads without a hitch. By unable to load, I mean clicking on the icon gives nothing - no window , error message, anything. One laptop is a Dell Latitude D630 [Win XP] the other is a Dell Vostro 1400 [Vista Business].

    Tried deleting the virtual data, rebooting; no help.

    No mention of this in the known issues webpage.

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    cmcuser Guest

    Default Re: Firefox 3 Incompatibility - Both XP AND Vista

    To confirm, running Firefox 3.0.1 on Win/XP SP3. ZAFF prevents FireFox from running most of the time. When it runs, it is OK and does what it is supposed to do, but it's not easy to get FireFox to run at all. Exit ZAFF, and all is OK.

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