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    taelrak Guest

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    Although I realize that having my add-ons think they've just been recently reinstalled is proof that the sandbox is working, is there a way to make it so all my add-ons and themes don't reset every time I use firefox or everytime Forcefield is restarted?

    Specifically, my theme reverts to the default on each restart, and a number of add-ons believe they've just been installed, with all options reset (PicLens, Showcase, DownThemAll, Delicious Bookmarks, Cooliris Previews, BlueOrganizer, WOT, etc.).

    As it is, I'm having to make a choice between either using Forcefield or firefox w/ addons.

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    forheavenssake Guest

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    I second this, FlashGot, Google Toolbar, Forecastfox, Skype and NoScript all insist they are freshly installed every single time I run Firefox. This has the kind of annoyance factor where I will uninstall ForceField rather than tolerate it. I know I can run the browser in unprotected mode but what is the point of ForceField if I have to do that all the time. Can this be fixed please.


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    Hi!please report the issue to ZA technical support: since ZA staff doesnot monitor this board...and if you find a solution please post back here, so other users can benefit.Thanks!Cheers,Fax

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    crisrich Guest

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    I just received this information regarding FlashGot through the live help chat from Zonealarm:

    "We have our own download manager that scans files for spyware, so in most cases our download manager would block other download managers. You would have to disable the 'Check file downloads for spyware' option in the browser security features to disable that feature."

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