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Thread: Patch Tuesday August 12th 2008

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    sora Guest

    Default Patch Tuesday August 12th 2008

    i have downloaded and installed ZoneAlarm forcefield, it then prompts i have to restart my PC. After i restarted my pc there is no a new program has been installed appearing on all programs when i click the start button. Although there is a checkpoint file in program files and %appdata%. When i double click the forcefield icon, the system tray icon appeared and said trial version has expired click to purchase there is no way to enter the free license key at all and when i click uninstall icon at checkpoint file it pops out stating the product being uninstalled is not really installed . The email i received from ZoneAlarm states that When you first install ForceField, you will see a screen with three buttons ( Enter my license, Start my trial, Buy Now ). Click Enter my license and you will see a new window, titled License Information, with spaces for the license key. apparently i did not get a window that appears like this i only see "agree the license term and install"

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Software Version:
    Product Name:Other ZoneAlarm Product

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    inmortal Guest

    Default Re: Patch Tuesday August 12th 2008

    I am having the exact same problem.* The programs shows under Program Files.* On IE7
    I can see the plug-in under the "Manage
    Add-Ons" window and on the Toolbars menu I can select it.* On FF3 the plug-in in displayed under the "Add-ons/Extensions" window.* The ForceField icon also doesn't allow me to enter the license.*
    I also get the "Product being uninstalled is not really installed" message when I try to uninstall from the exe under Programs Files
    Worse of all, I can only use the browsers for a few minutes and then they both lock up.
    Please help!
    OS: Windows Vista Enterprise SP1Antivirus: **bleep** ProFirewall: ZA Pro

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    mrfieldson Guest

    Default Re: Patch Tuesday August 12th 2008

    Try to run installer again.
    p.s. Make sure that you have Admin rights when installing.

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    jrseven Guest

    Default Re: Patch Tuesday August 12th 2008

    I have purchased and used Zone Alarm for years and I've been happy with it.
    So I thought why not try ForceField to go along with my purchased copy of ZoneAlarm Pro.
    But ForceField caused me various problems.
    WORSE is that it will not uninstall.
    I receive messages saying my free period has expired but when I try to install it I get the message "The product being uninstalled is not really installed."
    Yet it shows in my active task bar with a big red X to indicate it is there.

    And there is no support from ZoneAlarm to assist in removing it unless I'm pay for premium telephone service!
    If it was any other company but Zonelabs I would call it a false virus saying you need to purchase .... to get rid of the message.


    Will consider this poor support before renewing my copy of ZoneAlarm Pro after it expires this year.

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