I've got this software from patch tuesday Aug 12 2008 free for 1 yr.
Installed to my Vista Ultimate ver 6.0.3.
After install and reboot the PC and login to windows then after less than 15secs, the Windows hang, mouse not even moving.
I cannot do anything.
Is this a bug in the software or what?
I have kaspersky internet security running. I think it looks like forcefield is not compatible with kaspersky software, can
someone confirm this?
I installed this forcefield with Win Xp and it is running smoothly (but the antivurs and spyware is bit defender).
Any comment or suggestion?
I need to run in safe mode and uninstall forcefield, restart
and then everything back to normal again.
Please help how to make it run in vista (and probably with kaspersky as well).

Operating System:Windows Vista Ultimate
Software Version:6.0
Product Name: