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Thread: ForceField (ZAFF) does not work with Windows XP Pro SP3

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    jsmr Guest

    Default ForceField (ZAFF) does not work with Windows XP Pro SP3

    I bought ZAFF this morning (4 September) on-line, downloaded
    and installed it. All went well. Then, after rebooting I saw the ZAFF symbol in the Tray and right clicked
    it to discover
    all that would load was the license key and the
    small page
    which has tick boxes for what you want ZAFF to do - nothing else of ZAFF would load - no browser no help files, no support, nothing. And when I tried to open Outlook Express and Windows Explorer, Internet Explorer
    - every programme
    refused to load
    - nothing.
    So I closed down ZoneLabs Security Suite Version 8.0.020...(which I had
    updated to by clean install earlier today) and tried
    ZAFF again - same thing -
    So I rebooted and tried ZAFF
    again - nothing.
    Sooooo, I exited ZAFF and then uninstalled it.
    Rebooted - everything on my PC worked perfectly. Soooo, I re-installed ZAFF only to experience
    all the same problems that nothing would load after start up - all being blocked by ZAFF - even with all its boxes unticked!
    So I exited it again and uninstalled it again and have asked ZoneLabs for a refund.
    far as I can see from the "Readme" file which is available immediately after downloading and installing ZAFF, it will work with Windows XP SP2 but there is no mention of SP3.

    When, I wonder, irritably, will Check Ppont - whose ZoneLabs products I have used and trusted for some 10 years - get this ZAFF right.
    AND, just in case
    ZAFF WILL work with Windows XP Pro SP3 - I shall be glad to know just how it does!

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:Other ZoneAlarm Product

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    frankbarnard Guest

    Default Re: ForceField (ZAFF) does not work with Windows XP Pro SP3

    Help! I'm running XP-Pro SP3 on a small business network. I got alert this morning to download latest ZoneAlarm Security Suite update. Server has slowed to a crawl & will not allow other machines on the network to access it, even after I repeated add them to the Trusted Zone. What's going on? How can I back out of this update or get my network running again?

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: ForceField (ZAFF) does work with Windows XP SP3

    I have XP Home XP SP3 (8-11-08), ZA Antispyware firewall product 7.0.483
    and ForceField installed since 8-19-08 - no problems. ForceField installed properly, toolbar, white halo around IE windows, it all works; only
    real difference 'may be' that you have ZA 8.0 { when there was a beta test for ZA Suite 8.0
    integrated with ForceField - I hear there was some complications - and look in this board a number of posts down - there was mention of ZA 8.0 and FF}
    may be the factor and you have XP Pro and I have XP Home. Question - are there any other security software that you have that could have prevented the proper install of FF? Like SpywareDoctor, ThreatFire, etc? List all other security software - they may be the hidden key. I have Webroot SpySweeper - I temporarily shut-off the IE Security shield and BHO(web browser security)- just to be sure it didn't hinder proper FF install; then turned back on afterwards. <hr>When I installed ForceField I got: 6 new FF files in ZA program control - where it gave itself nearly all
    green checks all the way. Question - when you tried to install FF - did you see 6 program/ files open and with green checks all the way?<hr>:8}NaiveMelody NYC 9-4-08 - Don't Dream It's Over - Crowded House

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    jsmr Guest

    Default Re: ForceField (ZAFF) does work with Windows XP SP3

    Thanks very much for this helpful steer.
    However, I DO have ZoneLabs ZoneAlarm Security Suite Version 8 (update and clean install)which I downloaded on 4 September just BEFORE being persuaded by the website to buy ZAFF. And no, there is no other security software on my PC. The point is, as I wrote in this thread earlier, at my second attempt to install ZAFF I turned off ZoneAlarm Security Suite so my PC was completely unprotected and open for the short time it took to download ZAFF. No other programmes were running on my PC during the ZAFF download. And after download when I had rebooted and restarted ZA program control there were only 3 (three) ZAFF files to which I gave green checks all the way. With both the two downloads of ZAFF there was no toolbar; no white halo round IE; nothing - because nothing started - not one programme could be made to start until I disabled ZAFF. But after finally uninstalling ZAFF I removed those 3 files. I am still waiting to hear from Zone Labs Technical people - they your money and then are pretty slow to react! Frankly I have no confidence in ZAFF which is why, with regret, I uninstalled it and have asked for a refund of my subscription. Nect time I will go for the free trial of any new product first, and only subscribe when and if it works satisfactorily.

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