I use a software a package called GoToMyPC. It is installed on two computers. Using GoToMyPC from my desktop to my laptop works perfectly. This is the computer that has ForceField installed on it.

When I try to connect from the laptop using GoToMyPC to the desktop the connection itself is fine except that I have a black screen. Having the two computers side-by-side using the mouse connected to the laptop I can see the cursor move on the desktop s monitor.

On the desktop if I open the browser in unprotected mode return to the laptop start-up GoToMyPC I am able to connect. It appears that as long as I am in unprotected mode or at least bring up a browser that is in unprotected mode I am able to successfully connect using GoToMyPC from my laptop to my desktop.

If I didn t know any better I would think that by opening an unprotected browser window allows GoToMyPC to connect without ForceField blocking its viewing privileges.

Is there a way within ForceField that I can set up permissions for specific programs (GoToMyPC) so that they are able to connect via the network successfully?


Operating System:
Windows XP Pro
Product Name:
Other ZoneAlarm Product

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