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Thread: ForceField bugs

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    dirk_dijkstra Guest

    Default ForceField bugs

    After installing Forcefield on my computer with XP Pro
    I have 2 problems:<blockquote>

    1-The computer won't shut down.

    2-Working with Adobe Golive and dragging icons this results in smearing and trailing of the icons.

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: ForceField bugs

    1- Open ForceField menu &gt; click 'Settings' &gt; advanced &gt; clear virtual data.
    2 - When your ready to close down for the night you may &quot;shut down&quot; FF, by right clicking FF tray icon &gt; 'Exist.' If you have the default settings, it will auto start-up. Then do a normal shut-down.
    3 - if you continue to have problems - click here &gt;<hr>Adobe GoLive - two things: Adobe does not work with FF; need to have FF shut-off - use regular un-protected pages.
    Adobe GoLive is discontinued and not supported by Adobe - click here &gt;<hr>:8}NaiveMelody NYC 10-30-08 - A Day In The Life - The Beatles

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