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Thread: Forcefeild crashes my browsers

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    ktseymour Guest

    Default Forcefeild crashes my browsers

    I can't put my finger on it, I've been using this for a week now and all of a sudden it just won't work? I've cleaned it out of the registry and reinstalled, and it still won't work as before? I'm stumped, the only thing different is IE8 and Flash 10, anyone have any Ideas as to why this is. I can't open either browser at all within FF, I'd like to continue to use this but if it does not work.

    Operating System:Windows Vista Ultimate
    Product Name:Other ZoneAlarm Product

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    Default Re: Forcefeild crashes my browsers

    Hi!please contact ZA technical support at: Use the trial keyPlease post back if you will be able to resolve the problem.Cheers,Fax

    Click here for ZA Support
    Monday-Saturday 24x6 Pacific time
    Closed Sundays and Holidays

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: Forcefield crashes my beta IE8 browser

    FF was designed to work with IE 6/ 7 not with beta IE8. I have seen some users who are trying out betas IE8 have various issues with various versions of ZA firewall products, not just FF.<hr>

    System Requirements for ZoneAlarm ForceField:<a target="_blank"></a>Supported Browsers:<ul>[*]Microsoft Internet Explorer versions 6 and 7[*]Mozilla Firefox versions 1, 2 and 3<hr>I have heard that the upcoming IE8 will have various security improvements in the browsing section (some which needs XP SP3 previously installed) - these new improvements &quot;may have&quot; conflicted with FF.[*]I guess when you are on the leading edge, you would/ should expect such 'unknown/ unseen conflicts with new beta software', yes.[*]If you go back to IE7, you should
    be able to get back to normal. Click here &gt;
    - you can read further. from the ForceField beta board.
    [*]&quot;yes, indeed no ZAFF version are compatible...
    Testing will only begin after the IE8 is officially released (as was the case for FF3).
    Usually no ZA product is tuned to work with betas... only final release.


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    ktseymour Guest

    Default Re: Forcefield crashes my beta IE8 browser

    Thanks for the reply. FF was working with IE8 but stopped working soon after I updated flash, but I'm not convinced this is the reason. It could be coincidence, I'm not certain, but I did notice that a new update for Avira is keeping FireFox from working with FF ,but I found out that turning off the Firewall fixes the issue. For now I'm happy, but it would be nice if I could get IE 8 working again, I don't use IE much anyway.

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    ktseymour Guest

    Default Re: Forcefield crashes my beta IE8 browser

    IE8 works fine with FF after reinstall and FireFox is back to normal after checking the firewall permissions, for some reason or another Avira's firewall went and decided to block one of FF's processes...can't believe I forgot to check that, dahh. Great program so far, and does allot of what the other one can't do.

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Avira blocks FF

    Whew, finally got that one solved. <hr>Do you mind me asking which FF process was blocked? see &gt;
    - any of the six or dll?<hr>And which Avira security product blocked FF? Avira Premium Security Suite or something else? Web Guard? AntiVir?...&gt;<hr>I ask because it would be helpful for other users of Avira who may also experience the same problem. ( Avira had already - false positived ZoneAlarm's SpyBlocker /Ask toolbar- as a fact, in the past) {detect first, ask questions later :0 } <hr>:0NaiveMelody NYC 10-25-08 - Stranglehold - Ted Nugent

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    a_forest_shall_ Guest

    Default Re: Forcefeild crashes my browsers

    Hi the past six weeks have been some of the most troublesome of my pc life/ i had the ill fortune being a user friendly sort of guy, to install ForceField, choose that time to update to IE8 Beta version 2/this at the instigation of Microsoft, after i ran into difficulties going into my Yahoo Beta Mail box, [i do seem to recall that things started up right after a ZoneAlarm cache cleaner operation]; and found things going very unstable indeed: hanging, pc restarting automatically/i still reckon this probably had to do with too small RAM active memory/ had the reported ills: slow shutting down, starting up/ i tried desperately again to download IE 7, at first could not then finally made it/ had to let go of FF.
    As i had recently (re-)legitimised myself by purchasing the Windows XP Pro package, I asked Microsoft France for a diagnostic which I did get/ Windows XP Pro has become quite unstable, but also my browser IE7 / Was told I should not have downloaded IE7 over IE8 _I suppose downloading but not execute &quot;uitvoeren&quot; then disinstall IE 8 and only then to execute the new (older version) IE7 /
    now working with Mozilla Firefox mostly
    So I am confronted with having to reinstall Windows XP Pro anew _with all the updates that shall require (losing Outlook Express Messages) By the way was unable to find a sufficiently old prior to 16 Sept 2008 system restoring point, so that option was out All restoring points prior to 10 Oct had disappeared off screen
    Ma m moire Intel Pentium 4
    2.2.1 M moire totale physique 253 MB
    2.2.2 M moire libre 55 MB
    2.2.3 Taille maximale du &quot;Page File&quot; 768 MB
    2.2.4 M moire virtuelle disponible 237 MB
    2.2.5 M moire virtuelle totale 714 MB
    2.2.6 Taille initiale du &quot;Page File&quot; 384 MB
    There is supposed to be 999 MB RAM (upgrade)to be there but not read by the system!? good hard disk free space there, not the above 55MB
    regards harry working from memory there _anything useful anyone?

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