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Thread: Why does a "halo" appear around my IE7 window?

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    Default Why does a "halo" appear around my IE7 window?

    I just recently downloaded and installed ForceField. I'm just wondering why a white halo effect appears around my IE7 window. Is this normal, or is this some visual effect designed for Windows Vista that doesn't work in Windows XP? I'm using WinXP pro. Should I uninstall ForceField?
    There's no mention of this halo effect in the online Help system. If the halo effect is a feature, then the online help should put some sort of explanation in the FAQ section. I simply can not find any reference to it. So that's why I've come to the conclusion there must be something wrong.

    Any explanation would be welcome.

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
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    Product Name:Other ZoneAlarm Product

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default A "Halo" appears around my IE7 window - It's Normal

    Yes, it's a normal part of a fully functional web page protected with ForceField; for both XP and Vista.<hr>And if you look closely at your online &quot;Help&quot; button (right click FF system tray icon, near clock &gt; click &quot;Help&quot;= this is your ForceField User Guide &gt; on page [18 of pdf version],
    titled &quot;What You See When ForceField is On&quot; you
    will clearly see...<hr>

    ForceField performs much of its work behind the scenes, until it needs to warn you about a danger or let you know the results of a download safety scan.<a target="_blank"></a>

    You know that ForceField is protecting your Web browser when you see:<div class="pSmartList1"><ul><a target="_blank"></a>[/list]<div class="pSmartList1">[*]The ZoneAlarm ForceField standard, short, or privacy toolbar in your browser.<ul>[/list]<ul>[/list][/list]

    A brushed white edge around your browser (not visible when window is maximized to full screen).
    an opaque/ translucent white edge 1/16 of an inch surrounding the entire web page<ul>[/list]<a target="_blank"></a><div class="pSmartList1">[*]A ForceField icon in your desktop system tray.<hr>Spend some time reading the FF User Guide. It's less than 39 pages.<hr>Why do they have the halo? Well, there are some instances where web pages do not have room for the FF toolbar, or will not show it and it's 'best for the user - to know 'if and when' he is protected by FF. And it does help. True story for me - when I open Windows Media Player 10 and watch or download something - there is a 'halo' around the edges; as there is no FF toolbar showing- it has no room or won't allow it to show &gt; but after seeing the halo, I know this media player session is being protected by FF, nice. I once clicked on a simple survey questionaire, the survey box did not have any top area for a toolbar or anything else; but I did notice that the edges had a 'halo' - my answers are protected by FF, nice.[*]Other possibilities, I
    guess there are some folks who like a simple and neat web page, and don't like seeing any distractions on their web pages and therefore remove or make most toolbar info/ icons disappear - so having the halo, will indicate the protection of FF for these folks. Halo can-not be disabled for a FF protected web page.[*]So the halo does come in handy, it 'easily' tells the user of FF protection, it's distinguishable and distinctive. You can run FF protected pages simultaneously with unprotected/ regular window pages. And the 'gimmick' the name ForceField and a white halo surrounding your web page 'like a forcefield', clever, yes.<hr>NaiveMelody NYC 10-23-08 - If You Could Read My Mind - Gordon Lightfoot<ul>[/list]<ul>[/list]<ul>[/list][/list]

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    Default Re: A "Halo" appears around my IE7 window - It's Normal

    Thank you. You help was much appreciated.
    So the halo is basically a visual aid to the user
    that says
    &quot;force field is on&quot;. When I open an unprotected browser window and put it next to a protected browser window, it's obvious which browser is protected.
    I went back to view the online Help. Sure enough, the halo (brushed white edge) was mentioned in &quot;What You See When ForceField is On&quot;, under ForceField Basics. I probably looked there, but didn't notice the text immediately under the screenshot showing the toolbar.
    What ZoneAlarm should probably do to make this feature more apparent in the online Help.
    Specifically, (1) insert more space beneath the toolbar screenshot to separate it from the next bullet that mentions the halo, and (2) add a small screenshot showing a corner part of the browser window with the halo effect. As they say, a
    picture is worth a thousand words. And a picture is exactly what I was expecting, but didn't see. User interface friction?
    Anyway, Now I'm surfing.
    Thanks again,

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    powerhouse Guest

    Default Re: A "Halo" appears around my IE7 window - It's Normal

    I want to disable this feature. I find it obtrusive. Thanks, but no thanks; I am not the average user who needs a gimmick to know when the product is working. I want to continue using Force Field but give users the option to turn this feature off!

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