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Thread: ZoneAlarm ForceField blocking RADMIN.EXE

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    ivanparker Guest

    Default ZoneAlarm ForceField blocking RADMIN.EXE

    I use ZoneAlarm Security Suite & ForceField to protect my child's PC when they are on the Web, I also periodically "remotely view" the PC
    using "Remote Administrator" (RADMIN.EXE) to keep an eye on my child's browsing activites. Since installing FF I am unable to view any session where a "protected browser" is in operation. Is there a way to permit RADMIN.EXE to remotely view the
    "protected browser" sessions?

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:8.0
    Product Name:Other ZoneAlarm Product

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: ZoneAlarm ForceField blocking child monitoring programs

    Right click FF tray icon, see "Help" = this is your User Guide
    &gt; 'Troubleshooting and Customizing'...<hr>For maximum protection, all options on the Advanced Settings panel are on by default. Because some programs could conflict with these features, you may at times want to turn a setting off.

    To access the Advanced Settings window:
    Choose ForceField menu | Settings from the ForceField toolbar, and then click Advanced.<div class="pCellBody">Child monitoring programs and/ or

    Taking screen snapshots &gt;&gt;&gt;<div class="pCellBody">In the Advanced Settings panel, deselect Anti-Spyware | Block programs that secretly record your keystrokes and then restart ForceField.<div class="pCellBody"><hr><div class="pCellBody"><hr><div class="pCellBody">The normal default setting for ForceField blocks the stealth actions by blocking the following:<div class="pCellBody">Keyloggers: ForceField blocks keyloggers by turning off the system calls that make keylogging possible. Keyloggers are silent programs that record your keyboard input, and have been used to steal data.<div class="pCellBody">Screen grabbers: ForceField turns off screen grabber system calls so that screen grabbers produce only blank screen shots. A screen grabber is another type of program designed to steal information from you. It silently takes pictures of your screen and retrieves them via the Internet. If you are entering personal data in online Web forms, that information could be captured in the pictures and used for identity theft or other theft.<hr>:8}NaiveMelody NYC 11-1-08 - Police On My Back - The Clash

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    ivanparker Guest

    Default Re: ZoneAlarm ForceField blocking child monitoring programs

    Thanks this has worked for me.I actually selected to uncheck the sub setting for &quot;Block programs that secretly record your keystrokes&quot;, rather than completely turning it off.I changed the sub setting from &quot;Always&quot;, and changed the setting to &quot;Only in allegedly secure sessions (https)&quot;, and this has done the trick.I can now remotely view (montitor) what my child is up to when they are browsing the web.Cheers.

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