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Thread: Why does Firefox always want to install Google Toolbar?

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    Default Why does Firefox always want to install Google Toolbar?

    I installed ForceField last night and now every time I open Firefox 3.0.4 I am faced with a window asking me to either enable or disable page ranking on Google Toolbar. A second problem is that my personal theme for Firefox - Nautipolis 1.8.42 is overidden to default since installation. All my settings on Google Toolbar are to pot too.

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
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    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro

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    Default Re: Why does Firefox always want to install Google Toolbar?

    one trick you can try is to open firefox without the forcefield set all the things you want done, then close firefox, then right click the forcefield icon in your task bar (where the clock is), click settings, click the advanced tab, then click where it says clear virtualization, and finally restart firefox
    this should make it where you won't have to reset everything in firefox every time it restarts
    if this does not work please reply

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