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Thread: ForceField not opening up in Google Chrome Web Browser

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    Default ForceField not opening up in Google Chrome Web Browser

    Hi,I have Google Chrome as my primary web browser.When I click on for Forcefield to open up protected web browser it opens up in Internet Explorer which I will never use unless I have too.Doe's anyone else have this problem?How do I go about having Forcefield open up in Google Chrome browser as I want that as my primary web browser.Any help would be greatly appreciated.Thank You in advance,Gary

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
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    Product Name:Other ZoneAlarm Product

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    Default Re: ForceField not opening up in Google Chrome Web Browser

    the reason forcefield will not open google chrome is that the browser is not yet supported
    now you can request that they add support on the beta feedback but it will be awhile before they add the support

    right now the only browsers supported are ie6+7+8.2 and firefox 2+3
    can not tell you if the plan to expand onto other browsers that are out there (google, opera, Netscape, etc)
    hope this gives a little insight into your problem
    thanks robdog
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    (please note) As users we can't give others help unless we get full details of the problem that you are having

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