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Thread: ForceField is a 2-way defense system???

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    Default ForceField is a 2-way defense system???

    If I already have a keylogger or a spyware on my computer can they collect information entered inside ForceField???

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    Default Re: ForceField is a 2-way defense system???

    Hi!in principle no, FF is designed to jam keyloggers and screen grabbersand encrypt temporary internet files so even if info is stolen from the system data is not useable. BUT I would personally never do anything sensitive on a system that you know is infected by malware.FF cannot protect you alone you need to combine it with a good malware scanner.Once a malware has infected your system you cannot be 100% sure that your tools will protect you from it.... its already too late.Hope this helpsCheers,Fax

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    Default Re: ForceField is a 2-way defense system???

    I agree with fax,

    All security tools are ment to work best on a clean (e.g. either brand new or newly reformatted) computer.

    Their primary purpose is to keep the malware from infecting the computer in the first place (there is no need to clean things if theres nothing on there at all right?).

    Their secondary purpose is to remove malware once detected (some programs remove 100% of the malware, while others might leave key components behind and remove only 20%)

    If you feel that you might have a software keylogger on your system, then I suggest that you reformat using an OEM Windows CD (or the system restore CD).

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