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Thread: ForceField - Can't open browser in unprotected mode.

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    cdplayer Guest

    Default ForceField - Can't open browser in unprotected mode.

    I am using version of Zone Alarm ForceField. When I try to open a browser in unprotected mode the Mozilla Crash Reporter states that Firefox had a problem and crashed. "We will try to resolve your tabs and windows when it restarts. To help us diagnose and fix the problem you can send us a crash report."

    I am given the option to tell Mozilla about this crash so they can fix it. So I give Mozilla a the permission to send the report. I now have two options one is to quit Firefox and the other is to restart it. It really doesn't matter which option I take because Firefox just sends the report and does nothing more. Which option I select doesn't matter because the browser (Firefox) should close after sending the report, it does not.

    The bottom line is I cannot open a browser and unprotected mode without FireFox crashing. What do I need to do in order to resolve this annoying situation?

    Operating System:
    Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:
    Other ZoneAlarm Product

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    Charles_B Guest

    Default Re: ForceField - Can't open browser in unprotected mode.

    You could try this: Disable ZAFF.Make a backup of your Bookmarks (.json ) .Uninstall Firefox, when ask to safe setting say no.Profile could be corrupt.Reinstall Fiorefox, when ask to import Bookmarks from IE select do nothing.Restore your backup bookmarks, reset Firefox settings, and add-ons if any.Load ZAFF and clear virtual data.
    Hope this will resolve your problems.

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