Hello all,

I wanted to get this posted because there are many users who ask what is the purpose of clearing virtual data.

If you scroll your mouse over the button (under Forcefield setup --> advanced tab), you will notice that it reads that Forcefield automatically removes/deletes harmful executable files that it finds (I'm assuming it basically removes ALL .exe files) while leaving the rest of the files in the virtual encrypted environment.

Some say that you must clear the virtual data every time you suspect that you've visited a malware infected site. The problem here is how do we know whether it is malware infected? Sure it's easy to see that some categories of sites are without saying inflicted with MAJOR problems, but some sites look purely legitimate but deliver dangerous payloads (an example of this is when I got an I-Frame trojan while looking for pet-supplies, or as a previous forum poster was looking at chairs).

I'm assuming clearing virtual data is only necessary to remove un-needed junk that might take up hard-drive space (like when you simply clear your Temporary internet files)? Isnt Forcefield theoretically supposed to keep the drive-by-downloads from hurting us while browsing?