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    scottiem Guest

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    I'm currently running ZASS and getting ready for renewal but have a question. Normally I get the 3pc renewal, but notice the renewal for ZASS and FF combined is only for 1pc. Question I have is FF worth it to purchase separately of wait until ZA Extreme comes out.

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    Software Version:8.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm ForceField

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    Hi!I wouldpersonally wait... you could test the beta meanwhile...You may not like it, so its always good you try it before.The beta is quite stable, at least here.Cheers,Fax

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    standalone Guest

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    I use AVG8 Internet Security Suite(As my Internet Firewall)now. But I do recommend ZAFF as an excellent Browser privacy firewall.
    I used to use the free Zonealarm Firewall until my system was hacked remotely through the Registry (WinXP Pro SP3) and compromised (no fault of Zonealarm) so I use ZAFF everyday and love it. Yes both Zonealarm products are worth it because I have been using it for over four years .

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    Charles_B Guest

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    Sure its worth it, because its shielding you from bad guys. Run ZoneAlarm ForceField with your current antivirus or security suite, for an essential level of critical web protection you would not have otherwise. It is compatible with"all security software" currently on the market.
    I prefer the stand-alone version because you can run it on any anti-virus or Suite of your choice.

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