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    alfier Guest

    Default Foxmarks sync

    In Firefox Foxmarks won't sync if running forcefield from open Browser but will if you use open unprotected browser. How do I cure this?

    Operating System:Windows Vista Ultimate
    Software Version:7.1 (Vista)
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm ForceField

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    thaijay Guest

    Default Re: Foxmarks sync

    No cure that I can see yet. Remembering NOT to make changes to the bookmarks while protected by ForceField seems important.With FF closed all works well.

    I use firefox 3.x. I have a very large bookmark set and have had foxmarks get out of sync several times, now.

    What seems to happens is that the browser version gets synced with the website (unprotected), but after closing the browser and reboot of machine, opening in firefox forcefield, I loose the last changes on the local machine.

    Getting back to the fully updated set has been a pain - impossible under FF even opening up in unprotected browser.

    The only way I have found to do this is:
    1. Turn force field off or open unprotected browser. Go to foxmarks website and export file to html and save on local machine. It will look like:
    2. Close firefox.
    3. open forcefield, options, advanced. Clear virtual cache. Close forcefield.
    3. in explorer or other file manager - go to firefox profile folder and delete files:


    4. copy/rename [foxmarkslogname]-bookmarks-[date].html to firefox profile as:

    5. Reopen firefox. It automagically updates the bookmarks in fireox3 format while leaving the bookmarks.html as is.
    6. Close firefox.
    7. restart forcefield.

    You can now proceed as normal.(At least until getting on the I-changed-my-bookmarks-last-time-and-foxmarks-only-updated-on-web merry-go-round-again).

    At least forcefield does work in firefox 3.x now, saving updated extensions! I first tried forcefield last December. All seemed to work, so I bought it. First update of addons seemed to choke, so I uninstalled forcefield and actually dug into the ZA site for specs where it said - NO firefox 3.

    After a few months I looked at ZA site again and it said forcefield was firefox compatible! (almost at least.... YMMV on bells and whistles - extensions/addons)

    (FWIW - DownloadItAll works but forcefield works as advertised and saves the files only in the virtual space. Unprotected, saving files puts them on the normal folder. See other message for question I have re copying from virtual space to machine.)


    OS: WinXP
    AV: Norton internet security
    added firewall: Zonealarm Pro
    forcefield: up-to-date as of 7 Mar 2009 (sorry not running now)

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