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Thread: zax memory usage?

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    cooloutac Guest

    Default zax memory usage?

    ok i'm not trying to be funny,
    this might sound like a weird question,
    but i'm actually very concerned since my father just got a worm and some viruses and possible infected the network through his webmail.
    I notice if i load the pc with out zonealarm and open the taskmanager.

    my pf usages says about 125mb on boot(i have lots of windows services disabled).

    with zonealarm loaded and everything turned on high with full security....its over 500mb.

    is this normal?
    so assume zax uses about 375mb all together?
    and this is before one of the scanningprocesses, or occasionally vsmon, gets super bloated lol.
    the thing thats weird... is
    the processes list in task manager doesn't even
    show that much memory being used(i wish i could put a screenshot)
    with zonealarm running i have 28 processes going.
    at boot vsmon is the highest at 38,000k,
    and only a couple
    over 1000k.

    so looking at that....
    i'm like
    what the
    heck is using all the memory.
    the only reason i know its zonealarm is cause, like i said
    when i boot the pc without zonealarm.

    i only ask these crazy questions,

    cause the viruses my father got corrupted his zonealarm... and i'm just hoping the other machines on the network don't have corrupted zonealarms now too.
    or maybe its just the **bleep**py windows task manager not giving
    accurate info on the processes list.
    I have windows xp sp3,
    tks for helping out a crazy zonealarm user.

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    johncholmes Guest

    Default Re: zax memory usage?

    if one of your computers on the same LAN got a network worm, you know for a fact, check the name of the worm that ZAX identified from your dad's computer, what is it?
    is the pc you are talking about (or using now) have your dad's computer in the trusted zone or the internet zone?
    is your pc fully patched?
    if the answer to either is "yes", its unlikely you have malware on your current unit as a result of the malware on your father's unit.

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