I just made an online purchase from Roxio (i.e. Sonic) which uses "digitalriver" for purchasing.
When the purchase was complete, I selected the option to print the invoice (a "Print Invoice" button.)
This caused the IExplorer 8 window to freeze.
I was forced to end task on the IE8 window.
I tried it again one or two more times, and it ended up locking up the entire system requiring a hard boot.
After the boot, I tried it yet again, and it again locked up IE8 (just the single IE8 window) requiring another "End Task."
Finally, I opened the same page in an "unprotected" browser, and the
"Print Invoice" finally worked and printed the invoice.
Given that I had consistant errors after several tries, but the first try with an "unprotected browser" worked, it would appear that there may be a compatibility issue between FF and DigitalRiver.
Given that digitalriver
is relatively popular, it's likely that I'll run into this again.
I plan to report this to ZA, but I wanted to ask if anyone else had ever run into similar issues, especially with digitalriver.
Note that I'm using ZAX, which uses the latest version of FF (

Operating System:Windows XP Pro
Software Version:8.0
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Extreme Security